SOG Flashback Knife

When you’re caught in an emergency situation, literally every second counts. And when that situation arises, you don’t want to be caught with the wrong pocket knife. For these situations, we recommend the SOG Flashback Knife.

This is the world’s fastest-opening assisted knife, and it’s backed by the American manufacturer you can trust – SOG Knives. Equipped with a high tension coil spring, this folding knife opens almost instantly, and thanks to the integrated piston lock, it stays open. An ergonomic handle crafted from both glass-reinforced nylon and stainless steel provides stellar grip and comfort, while a 3.5-inch blade made from AUS 8 stainless steel with a black tini-coated finish slices and dices through anything that stands in your way. It also comes with a low-carry reversible bayonet clip, and a lifetime warranty to boot. [Purchase]

SOG Flashback Knife 2

SOG Flashback Knife 3