Sog Bladelight Knife Series

When you’re looking to cut through a stubborn branch at your campsite late at night, simultaneously holding a flashlight on the awkward but of tree surgery is pretty cumbersome. The SOG Bladelight series of knives solves this problem by putting lights directly into the handle.

The SOG Bladelight Camp features six LED lights that shine in front of the 4.5-inch stainless-steel blade with the strength of 30 lumens. It’s ideal shine distance is a couple of feet in front of you, but the LEDs can be seen as far as 25 feet away, with one AAA battery providing a runtime of 84 minutes. The SOG Bladelight Tactical provides the same design, but the Tactical has red lights that shine at 20 lumens for 288 minutes, making it better for night vision optics. Both models come with a hard nylon sheath with an integrated blade sharpener and metal belt clip. [Purchase: SOG Camp | SOG Tactical]

Sog Bladelight Knife Series 2

Sog Bladelight Knife Series 3

Sog Bladelight Knife Series 4

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