SOG Baton Q4 Multi-tool

While we are big fans of the folding multi-tool, not many are easy to carry every day. This is, in part, due to the fact that their seemingly pared-down designs still tend to be a bit bulky. And while that’s fine sometimes, we don’t always want a big bulging hunk of metal in our pockets. Perhaps if they were a little more streamlined, like the SOG Baton Q4, we’d more frequently add them to our EDC. But if that we’re the case, this one wouldn’t be so exciting to see.

This multitool still boasts an impressive number of functional tools – 10 to be exact – but the way it travels is what makes it truly special. This combination screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, plier, etc. collapses into – you guessed it – a slim baton shape. Closed, its only 5.8 inches in length and weighs just 6 ounces. That’s about the same size as your average pocket knife. Best of all, you can access some of the tools while still in the baton format, giving things like the can opener and screwdriver the extra leverage needed to make it truly effective. Never again will you need to stress about whether to pocket a multitool, because the size of this $120 one is hardly an imposition at all. [Purchase]