SOG A03-P Architech

When knives are made well – when every detail is given serious attention from the handle to the blade and everything in between – they become a little more than just a knife. SOG’s A03-P Architech can be considered one of those knives.

Equipped with a laser etched San Mai VG10 Damascus steel blade attached to the arch-lock system – the 3.5 inch business end of this knife securely locks into place when you fold it open. The unique and exceptionally strong blade on this knife is mated to a titanium handle that has a textured black carbon fiber grip for a beautiful finish. And to ensure this blade will be your left hand man for years to come, each one comes with SOG’s lifetime warranty. The Architech retails for $335. [Purchase]

SOG A03-P Architech 1

SOG A03-P Architech 2

SOG A03-P Architech 3

SOG A03-P Architech 4