Softub Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great way to keep warm and entertain friends on those chilly fall and winter nights. Unfortunately, because of their size and weight, we have to travel to a beach house or a mountain cabin in order to experience one for ourselves. But wouldn’t it be great if they were mobile; providing us with the opportunity to set these warming pools up at a moments notice?

Softub is the most portable hot tub in the world. It’s light, easy to set up and install, and thanks to the user-friendly design, you’re never confined to just one location. Simply roll it into place, connect the Hydromate with nothing more than a screwdriver, and fill it with water before connecting it to any standard 120v, 15-amp outlet. It hosts a built-in safety feature to prevent overheating and is the perfect seasonal addition to a backyard without worrying about all the maintenance that comes with standard hot tubs. It can also be fitted with a wooden surrounding deck for easy entry and exit. Prices start at $3,600. [Purchase]

Softub Hot Tub 2