Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle

It’s a little known fact that sake, commonly misidentified as “rice wine,” shares more in common with beer than it does with the grape-based beverage to which it is oft compared. At least from a brewing standpoint. It’s also an ancient beverage with roots that go back further than Japan’s written records. As something that has survived both the rise and fall of the samurai, it’s a deeply ingrained cultural relic that deserves respect. And that starts with the vessel in which it is stored.

For fans of the rice-based spirit, as well as modern technology and know-how, Snow Peak has got you covered. This beautiful, Japanese-made, single-wall titanium sake bottle is the perfect container for the drink. It’s strong, durable, and will block out any harmful UV rays – ensuring that your fermented rice beverage stays fresh. A cup and neoprene bottle sleeve are also offered separately by the brand as complementary pieces of a set. Whether you’re entertaining guests at home or celebrating amongst nature, you’ll want to pick up this superb $135 bottle. [Purchase]

Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle 01

Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle 03