Snow Peak’s Smokemeister Is A Smoker For Camp Cookouts

When you’re looking to build the ultimate camp kitchen, you have to acquire the absolute best smoker. For the first time, the Snow Peak Smokemeister is available in the United States, so outdoor enthusiasts can add it to their lineup of adventure gear.

The stainless steel smoker cylinder contains an adjustable, removable stack of grill nets, as well as an adjustable lid, allowing you to control air circulation. Using the ergonomic Smokemeister is simple, as all you need is charcoal and your choice of wood chips, which you place on the bottom layer. Then you can throw your meats, fish, or poultry onto the grill nets and let it cook to perfection while stargaze and enjoy the company of nature. Perfect for backyard barbecues, backpacking trips, or camp field cookouts, the Snow Peak Smokemeister will elevate your outdoor meals easily. You can add the Smokmeister to your camping lineup for $245.

Purchase: $245