Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

Camping off of the ground isn’t anything new, and we’ve seen plenty of hanging tents before. But camping off of the ground comfortably is what Snow Peak’s Sky Nest is all about.

It’s a floating, outdoor refuge that allows you to sleep in a tent that has a hammock as its base, meaning you’ll get a comfortable sleep. It measures 220cm x 110cm x 130cm, and it has a spacious interior. It’s incredibly easy to setup, and after you’ve properly attached it to trees and it’s floating in the air, you’ll get an all-around view of the environment around you, thanks to the mesh panels that are on every side of the tent. On the bottom of the tent, there is a shoe pocket to keep them safe if it rains. It’s available now for roughly $1300. [Purchase]

Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent 3

Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent 4

Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent 5