Snow Peak Built A 3-In-1 Packable Smoker For Backcountry BBQ

With the wealth of innovations that have been unveiled over the last few years, putting together a gourmet meal out on the trails has never been easier. But there is still plenty of ground to cover before we can make all our favorite dishes out in the backcountry. But the folks at Snow Peak have just taken a major leap forward with their Kojin Grill.

Designed specifically for campground cooking, the Kojin is a triple-threat camp stove, grill, and smoker all built into one — offering the kinds of versatility only previously offered by its full-sized brethren. Its construction of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and bamboo is also tough enough to weather just about any adventure. And since it’s collapsible and packable, it’s a good deal easier to haul around from campground to campground than similarly-featured full-sized grillers. Keep in mind, however, it’s a bit on the heavy side (weighing in at 40 lbs), so this might be better for overlanding adventures or tailgating, rather than backpacking treks. Still, for $730, this might just be the most versatile and packable meat-making option for all you outdoorsy pitmasters out there.

Purchase: $730