Snow Peak Insect Shield Bug-Proof Jacket

Snow Peak gear is a Japanese outfitter known for insulating travelers from harsh conditions. With their latest release, they’re aiming to repel a different a sort of adversity for adventure-seekers – bugs.

Snow Peak has been a reliable name in outerwear since 1958, producing durable jackets, coats and pants to shield you from the cold for six decades. Their cachet precludes the suggestion that their new bug-proof apparel is simply a gimmick. Though novel, Snow Peak’s Insect Shield Pants and Jacket are no novelty. Guaranteed to repel the pestilence of mosquitoes and ticks, the anti-bug apparel is made of super fine mesh fabric, which can be zipped over your face as a portable mosquito net. It’s ruggedly built, with a double layer protecting high-abrasion areas, and the jackets and parkas are made to be tear-free (not like baby shampoo, we’re talking about ripping). Having left the specifics of their proprietary anti-bug technology rather dubious – besides to say that the fabric is “plant-derived” – we’ll simply have to trust Snow Peak’s clout, and skin in the game to save our skins from the clouds of bugs, once they start a-swarming.

Purchase: $250