Snow Peak Fire-Resistant Outerwear

We love ourselves some good outerwear, especially jackets that are suitable for the wind, rain, and snow. But there’s another element that sometimes presents some danger that we don’t think about: flame. When building a campfire, sometimes sparks can fly and, if your jacket of choice isn’t up to the task, your chopped wood won’t be the only thing going up in smoke. But that’s why Snow Peak has developed a line of Fire-Resistant Jackets.

Available in five styles — the FR Rain Jacket, FR Down Jacket, FR Rain Pullover, FR Rain Trench, and FR Rider’s Jacket — each one of these pieces of outerwear is made from an Aramid material, the same material used in crafting firefighter suits (with the exception of the FR Rider’s jacket, which is made from a fire-retardant synthetic leather). That means, whether you find yourself with some rogue sparks or stamping out an actual out-of-control roaring flame, it will keep you protected. They’re also laminated with an ultra-water-resistant Toray Dermizax membrane to keep you dry in any inclement weather (again, with the exception of the motorcycle option, which is naturally water-resistant). While the likelihood of catching fire is significantly slimmer than being caught in a snow flurry or rainstorm, the ever-dry conditions on the west coast lead us to believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Purchase: $519+