Snow Peak Entry Pack TT Tent Set

For short summertime trips, having just a small tent is probably fine, but if you’re going to be out in the wilderness or in inclement weather with other people for a significant amount of time, it might be nice to have both a little extra space and some protection from the sky above. That’s where the new Snow Peak Entry Pack TT tent set comes into play.

Combining an elongated 4 person sleeper tent with the brand’s hexa-type tarp, the Entry Pack TT is kind of like the tent equivalent of a house with a big front porch. That is to say, it offers great sleep accommodations in the easy-to-erect pole tent – which has a TPU coated weatherproof polyester exterior – but also has a protected front area courtesy of the included weatherproof polyester pole-mounted tarp. That means you can relax outside without being exposed directly to the sun, rain, or snow – as well as clean yourself off before heading into the tent to get cozy and comfortable. This tent set is set to be released in Japan on May 4th, with a price of about $440, but we hope to see it hit stateside soon thereafter.

Purchase: $440