Snoped Version 2 By Joey Ruiter

Photos: Brian Kelly

While we don’t hear from him often, it is without a doubt that Joey Ruiter is one of the most creative automotive designers out there. The newest bit of evidence to that end? The Snoped Version 2.

An update on the original Snoped, this boxy black futuristic machine built by Ruiter and partners Jeff Long and Jared Seifert features a larger 110cc Yamaha 4 speed engine, and a more robust timbersled ripper 90 track. While that modest gas guzzler won’t be breaking any land speed records, it is more than enough to have a lot of fun with on snowy days in Michigan where Ruiter’s shop is based. And while it almost goes without saying, the actual design of this thing is wild. The boxy look, black finish, and unique front grille gives it a light cycle-esque vibe. Any way you cut it, we’d kill to hop on one of these.

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