Snooperscope Night Vision Device

Get into the stealth mode with the help from Snooperscope and a mobile device. With this clandestine product, give your smartphone the ability to see and capture the world around you in total darkness. Each Snooperscope is a portable and wireless device that uses your mobile screen to display images and video picked up by its infrared camera. Not only restricted to darkness, the Snooperscope also detects harder-than-normal objects to see in the daylight as well.

Each scope runs through a Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection that protects your video feed. It also uses H.264 video compression and hosts an onboard battery that provides you with up to four hours of continuous use. Use it to spot game while hunting, as an action and sports camera in low light, detect opponents in a paintball match, or hunt for the ghost of cousin Vinney in your home. There are also accessory mounts available for helmets, bikes and even drones. Available now for $140. [Purchase]