Snolo Scion Sled

If there were doubts about the feasibility of grownups sledding before, and with good reason, there probably were, the Scion is here to shatter those preconceived notions.

Snolo’s debut sled, the Stealth-X, was a $3,200 carbon fiber beauty, but that price tag was too bitter a pill for too many people for a sled. The Scion is priced much more moderately ($384 right now on Kickstarter), while taking cues from motorcycle handling and Formula One car design to promise an amazing ride downhill. It features UV-resistant, fiber reinforced high density polyethylene construction, Tetron seat padding made from impact-absorbing foam and covered with waterproof 600D durable nylon, a non-stick sled body, replaceable polished stainless steel and alloy runners, and a shock coil lanyard for safety and easy towing back up the hill. Combined with the Scion’s low center of gravity and versatile steering system, this looks like the most adult sled ride possible. And that’s a good thing. [Purchase]

Snolo Scion Sled 2

Snolo Scion Sled 3

Snolo Scion Sled 4