Snappgrip For iPhone

As the iPhone gets closer and closer to yeah-you-won’t-really-need-a-better-camera-than-this status, there’s still one hiccup: the controls. The iPhone 5 and 5s may produce beautiful pictures, but fumbling with the touchscreen certainly saps some of the professionalism from the whole procedure. Snappgrip aims to change all that.

This is a controller that mounts to a protective case (included) on your iPhone 5 or 5s, giving you a host of physical shooting controls via Bluetooth that promise to raise your reputation from Senor Selfie to King White Balance. You get a two-step shutter (half press to focus), a shooting mode wheel, flash toggle, zoom controls, and a 1/4-inch tripod mount underneath. The included wrist strap and improved ergonomics should also make for fewer drops of your precious phone, and there’s a host of add-on lenses to choose from. [Purchase]