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The Smart Snap Spectacles 3 Capture Your Life In Brilliant 3D

It’s no secret that eyewear developers have been dipping their toes into the world of augmented reality, and with companies like Google and Vuzix diving ever deeper into the space, it’s clear that there’s more than enough opportunity to create a marketable audience. Now, the newly announced Snap Spectacles 3, an anticipated eyewear design from the creators of the tech giant Snapchat, are in the industry’s limelight.

These visionary examples feature an aesthetically-pleasing update over the company’s previous offerings and boast a lightweight, stainless-steel design that’s been fashioned from one continuous sheet of material. Like their predecessors, the Spectacles 3 will house dual HD cameras, allowing buyers to film, capture, and add 3D filters to their everyday lives. These stylish peripherals provide an elegant take on the smart-glass trend, and even come with a full-grain leather case, keeping them compact, and charged, when not in use. You can pick them up from the company’s website for $380.

Purchase: $380