Snap Pro iPhone Case by Bitplay

Just ten years ago, an 8 megapixel point-and-shoot camera was pretty respectable all things considered. If you added in panorama functions, f/2.2 aperture, geotagging, facial recognition, and a timer – you’d probably have something pretty pricy on your hands. Now, all of those functions and more fit into our phones, so why not really treat them like a camera? The Snap! Pro by Bitplay does just that.

The designers at Bitplay have built a premium case for your phone that gives it a feel of a camera complete with a shutter. The handle and shutter placement make it so you don’t get your hands in the way of the lens, and it even has a tripod thread hole through it so you can set up your camera for time-lapse images or video. These cases accommodate snap-in lenses that vary from fisheye lenses or macro lenses, and are built to be drop resistant. [Purchase]

Snap Pro by Bitplay 1

Snap Pro by Bitplay 3

Snap Pro by Bitplay 4