Smith Quantum Snowboard Helmet

Winter brings a lot of snow, and with it, a whole lot of grumbling about salt, shoveling, and the cold. Or at least, for some people it does. For others? Only excitement about heading up to the slopes. Before you do that yourself this winter, consider gearing up with new protective gear like the Smith Quantum Helmet.

This thing promises more protection, a better fit, and more ventilation than it’s competitors so you can just go for that trick or run you’ve been hesitant about. This is due in large part due to the use of Koroyd and EPS. The two protective materials that are strong enough to allow for the inclusion of a higher number of ventilating slots that, along with the Aerocore construction (a honey-comb like inner part of the helmet), keeps your temperature regulated while heading down the slopes. Those same technologies combined with MIPS also make for more substantial coverage of the rider’s head, allowing for more all around protection. Innovation on this helmet didn’t just stop at protection. The fit is snug, and thanks to the inclusion of a the Wayfinder Strap System featuring Fidlock, it can be clipped on and off securely with just one hand. Prices are set at $300. [Purchase]