Smith Lowdown Focus Sunglasses

With so many distractions these days it’s no wonder our attention spans and ability to focus are on the wane. But what if there was a way to track your ailing attention span and subsequently train yourself to increase your ability to focus and concentrate without really thinking about it at all?

Introducing the Lowdown Focus sunglasses from Smith, outfitted to help you develop an increased sense of self-awareness and cognitive performance. How does it work? Each pair of shades features brain-sensing technology that in turn provides real-time feedback to the Smith Focus App – thus allowing you to learn how to control your focus while working, training or playing sports. It’s the first brain sensing eyewear of its kind and, worn properly, can actually help you reduce levels of stress while improving your mood and heightening your sense of relaxation – all benefits of cognitive training. The app is customizable based on your personal goals, tracks your goals to make sure you’re reaching them in a timely manner, and the glasses themselves are available in black or white colorways.

Purchase: 349