SmartHalo Advanced Bike Computer

If your bike just isn’t keeping pace with the modern world and its getting bullied by all the bigger, smarter, more technically advanced bikes on the road, then you need to fight back by turning your steed into a brain on two wheels with the SmartHalo. Designed to be a bike computer that makes Hal 9000 look a fool, the SmartHalo is a GPS with turn-by-turn directions, a fitness tracker, and even has a big, bright, tamper-proof headlight offering tons of visbility.

Capable of interfacing with most smartphones, the SmartHalo also acts as a digital assistant, able to alert you to incoming calls without distracting you from the road ahead. It gives you a noticeable alert that can overcome the sound and the fury of the noisiest, most pot-holed streets so you’re on point at all times. Still in the Kickstarter phase, the price is right and these are ready for your handlebars. [Purchase]