Smart Rope: LED Smart Jump Rope

Somehow we can’t picture Rocky Balboa skipping a rope with embedded LEDs in it, and that’s fine—we don’t care for throwing hooks at meats slabs either. But for us, the modern man whose attention span is shorter than leprechaun shins, Tangram Factory’s new Smart Rope might be what we need to stay motivated.

The Seoul and New Jersey-based company has unveiled their unique product which incorporates lights and the natural motion of skipping rope to count your jumps, track your workout sessions, and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index. Smart Rope hooks up with your smartwatches and smartphones to keep up with workouts in real time, and it displays up-to four LED digits during skipping so you can see your progress glowing in front of you. [Purchase]

Smart Rope- LED Smart Jump Rope 2

Smart Rope- LED Smart Jump Rope 3

Smart Rope- LED Smart Jump Rope 4

Smart Rope- LED Smart Jump Rope 5