Smart Kapp Dry-Erase Board

Even with all the access to technology around the office, we still prefer to brainstorm using a good old fashioned whiteboard. And now thanks to the Smart Kapp Dry-Erase Board, we don’t have to fall behind the tech curve.

On the surface, it looks a whole lot like your regular old whiteboard, but there’s more than meets the eye. This 21st century device features a stain-resistant 42-inch glass dry-erase board that syncs with your mobile device (or USB key) allowing you to share snapshots with your colleagues or friends. All you have to do is download the app (Android and iOS), and pair your device by simply tapping it against the board. Some meetings are more important than others, and for those meetings, remote participants can be invited to view the content in real-time using the internet browser of their choice. As an added security feature, shared content will immediately be deleted after your session has ended. See this thing in action in the video below. [Purchase]