Hyperkin Smart Boy

People talk about how the ‘younger generation’ is too obsessed with their phones and don’t enjoy the moment enough. That may be true, but it certainly isn’t new. Before we had phones, we were collecting Pokemon, searching for Zelda, and heading to castle after castle trying to hunt down Princess Peach. Now, Hyperkin Labs is in the process of combining those two lovable distractions by fusing your Android phones and the old Gameboy interface with their Smart Boy developer kit.

Compatible with both old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, users will be able to slide their phone into the device, click in a cartridge, and play their favorite old games in the same way they used to. Still in its development phase, Hyperkin is offering royalty percentages to anyone who can substantially improve on the serial app and firmware, so who knows – if you’re sharp enough, you may get a good deal more than a big helping of nostalgia. Kits won’t ship until December 1st 2016, and are retailing for $60. [Purchase]

Smart Boy Developer Kit 1

Smart Boy Developer Kit 2