Slyde Handboards

For the man who feels any wave not ridden is a wave wasted, check out these Slyde Handboards. Consider them surfboards for your hands. At just under 20 inches long and about 10 inches wide, they strap onto your hand and promise to take bodysurfing to new, Aquaman-like levels—without having a trail of tuna waiting on your next bit of telepathy.

Swimming, diving, and even floating are all quite doable with the Handboard attached. You can work the waves with one or two on at a time, and it’s your call on whether to go with classic wood or the fancier carbon fiber option. We say strap on two, add a pair of flippers for your feet, and see how long you can outrun Sea World as they try to capture your ass. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

Slyde Handboards 1

Slyde Handboards 2

Slyde Handboards 3

Slyde Handboards 4