Slughaus MICRO EDC Key Organizer

Everyday carry gear is and always has been a game of give and take. After all, there is only so much room in your pockets, so figuring out ways to maximize your EDC’s utility without going overboard on how much you carry can be difficult. Of course, it helps tremendously when makers manage to build something insanely small that still serves a hugely helpful purpose, like the Slughaus MICRO key organizer.

Billed as the world’s smallest EDC key-tool ever made, this minuscule device is making some massive promises — and it’s delivering on each and every one. Lighter than a quarter and small enough to fit on the tip of your finger, the MICRO still has the ability to fit up to 10 normal-sized keys without the need to purchase extra extenders. In fact, in theory, it can be extended to fit virtually as many keys as you could possibly need. It also comes with a super-compact removable multi-tool that works as a prybar, bottle opener, box opener, and key fob attachment (though you don’t have to use it if your end goal is keeping your carry ultra-compact). Built from stainless steel and requiring no tools to assemble, this remarkable tiny organizer delivers big. Back it on Kickstarter now starting at $16.

Kickstarter: $16+