Slughaus Bullet 02 Flashlight

A couple of years ago, Slughaus came out with the smallest everyday carry flashlight ever. It was named the Bullet, it weighed just 6 ounces, and was only 30 millimeters in length. Frankly, it was incredible. But it wasn’t good enough for the folks at Slughaus. So they gave it another go and made their new one smaller, brighter, stronger, etc. And they called it, of course, the Bullet 02.

This new iteration is better than the original across the board. It’s smaller – measuring up at 26 millimeters in length; its output of 20 lumens is brighter than the original; it weighs just 5 grams (as opposed to the original’s 6); and it is waterproof enough that it can stand being completely submerged for five minutes during operation. But they didn’t stop there. They also made this one out of an aerospace-grade anodized aluminum that can survive being run over by an SUV. And they added a new spring-locked on/off twist operation that stays secure in the most extreme circumstances. You can preorder one of these tiny titans for just $10 on their Kickstarter. [Purchase]