SLRV’s 10-Person Commander 8×8 Is A Monstrous Two-Story Overlanding Rig

The world of Overlanding has its fair share of brutish automotive builds, but many of today’s well-rounded wonders are still well within the realm of sanity. Now Australia’s SLRV has decided to break the rules with the Commander 8×8 — a two-story expedition vehicle that looks to push the boundaries of the industry and redefine luxurious off-road living.

This custom-built rig is a gargantuan offering that overexerts for the sake of progression. On its base level, the Commander’s single-story interior features a master bedroom, dinette, kitchen, and bathroom, all of which are outfitted with luxurious wood, marble, and metalwork. If you’re feeling a little cramped, you can also lift the vehicle’s roof to create an expanded living area that will house up to six individuals, providing space for an additional king-size bed to be lowered over its dining table. At the end of the day, the Commander 8×8 has enough sleeping space for a family of 10, but that wouldn’t mean much without a monstrous powerplant to get it to your favorite remote location. Below the hood, you’ll find a formidable 480-horsepower engine that pumps out an insane 1,646 lb-ft of torque, an automatic 12-speed transmission, and four locking differentials that work seamlessly alongside the overlander’s adjustable air suspension. If you’re planning on staying off-grid for an extensive amount of time, the 8×8 also houses a 264-gallon water and fuel tank, solar-charged lithium-ion batteries, and a diesel generator to keep you self sufficient. That said, it might not come as a shock to hear that the customized behemoth is in the ballpark of $1-2 million, making it one of the most expensive overlanders on the market today. Head to SLRV’s website to learn more.

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