SLD Laser Automotive Headlights

The automotive world is a breeding ground for highly refined technology that’s applicable outside of everyday driving. While traditional LED lighting for automobiles might have been popularized over the last decade, the minds behind SLD Laser have unveiled the next step in lucrative luminance — an integrated laser light solution for automotive use.

Produced under the close supervision of Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura (whose research in the field of laser technology has transcended the boundary of red, green, and blue — creating the very first “white light”), SLD Laser has introduced a range of lights that produce over 100 times the luminance of regular LEDs. Boasting a one-kilometer range and an enhanced vision threshold would mean nothing without a proper platform to utilize the technology — so the team decided to throw a pair of upgraded laser lights on Baja winner Cameron Steele’s Trophy Truck for the 2018 season. The technology promises less energy consumption, less space, and customized shaping that allows for pinpoint accuracy while illuminating certain elements. While the lights won’t be available for some time due to regulations within the United States, they’re expected to arrive at a compact price point of around $100.

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