SlatePro Personal TechDesk

Mar 13, 2014

Category: Living

The Slate Mobile Airdesk was one of our favorite solutions for people who work from home, and now the same design team is back with a new device – the SlatePro.

As Airdesk was to “couch workers,” SlatePro is to people looking for a complete home office setup. The brand has described it as a personal TechDesk, designed specifically for professionals who work from their home. Although it would also be great in a traditional office environment as well. The desk is crafted from premium bamboo that has been mated to a set of handmade steel legs. The surface has been outfitted with an acrylic sheet for protection, perforations to run wires through and ensure your laptop stays cool, multiple docks for mobile devices, heavy duty mousepad, and a recessed cup holder among other things. Check out the video below. [Kickstarter]

SlatePro Personal TechDesk 2

SlatePro Personal TechDesk 3

SlatePro Personal TechDesk 4

SlatePro Personal TechDesk 5

SlatePro Personal TechDesk 6

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