Skysphere in New Zealand

Jul 28, 2015

Category: Living

We wouldn’t even know where to begin when trying to build one of these Skyspheres, but we sure wish we were able to. What exactly is a Skysphere, you ask?

Well, the Skysphere is a love child from a New Zealand man named Jono Williams, who set out to build a cylindrical space set 2 meters into the air with a 360 degree viewing window of the world around him. The Skypshere is solar powered and is activated by use of smartphone apps. The round dwelling sits on a towering steel column that protrudes through its center. To get to the top and inside the structure, you climb up the ladder. In the actual apartment, you’ll find a fingerprint entry motorized door, a refrigerated beer dispense that sits in the couch, a miracast projector, wireless sound system and computer generated voice dialogues. What’s more, it’s outfitted with high speed internet, colored mood LED lighting and a rooftop starview platform.

Skyphere in New Zealand 2

Skyphere in New Zealand 3

Skyphere in New Zealand 4

Skyphere in New Zealand 5

Skyphere in New Zealand 6

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