SkyRunner MK 3.2 Flying ATV

Flying cars, once a near universal dream depicted in shows like the Jetsons or in graphic renderings of cities of the future, never quite came to be. Everyone decided that they just weren’t viable because of how expensive, complicated, and dangerous it was to run one. Apparently the guys at SkyRunner didn’t get the memo, as they have officially rolled out their MK 3.2 flying all-terrain vehicle.

The designers and engineers behind the futuristic vehicle took the term ‘off-road driving’ to the next level by adding a large fan to the back and making the body compatible with an equally massive PD Sunriser 550 wing. The vehicle is powered by an 89 HP, Prostar 1000 four-cylinder engine that helps the ATV reach speeds of up to 70 mph on dirt roads. When you’re ready to take to the skies, a Rotax aircraft engine is engaged, letting you glide at speeds of up to 55 mph. The nearly 1,000-pound machine can legally soar up to an altitude of 10,000 feet. Make the skies your playground for $120,000. [Purchase]

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