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The SD-XX Electric Autonomous Flying Taxi VTOL Is Slated To Launch By 2023

Though humanity has dreamed of flying cars for decades, this would-be game-changing advancement in transportation has yet to unfold. However, as UAVs, VTOLs, and drones rapidly progress, the reality of a flying car may not be much further off, thanks to Japan’s SkyDrive Inc. which has made some ambitious promises regarding this space, stating its plans to launch the world’s first flying taxi within the next couple years.

Dubbed the SD-XX, this fully-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft is 13’ long, 11.4’ wide, and 4.9’ tall, and each corner boasts a pair of propellers that grant it the lift and thrust required to freely roam the skies. Capable of carrying two-passengers, the autonomous aircraft sports a generous 1,100lb weight limit and a 1,640’ maximum altitude, though top speed is limited to under 40mph, and its range falls somewhere between 12 and 18 miles on a single battery. The cabin is a thoroughly cutting-edge affair, with a panoramic, wraparound glass windshield complemented via a HUD, comm, and infotainment system. SkyDrive aims to have its aviation taxis in the air by 2023, with a purchasable, fully-autonomous production version slated to hit the market by 2028. For more information, check out SkyDrive’s website linked below.

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