Sky Planter Upside Down Plants

Dec 13, 2013

Category: Living

Need a little extra motivation to put a few (non Cannabis) plants in your home? Want that Boston fern to be more badass? Hang ’em upside down. Sky Planter makes this gravity-defying dream a reality with its innovative mesh collar that keeps your plant or flower in place.

Each collar can be cut to fit the size of your plant, and the locking lid keeps all the dirt from spilling out. The smarties at Boskke in New Zealand are behind Sky Planter, and they say the system conserves water, helps with air purification, and frees up space for more giant TVs and life-size Chewbacca mannequins. We say it gives plants the fun factor they’ve been missing since… well… whenever plants were invented. [Purchase]

Sky Planter Upside Down Plants 2

Sky Planter Upside Down Plants 3

Sky Planter Upside Down Plants 4

Sky Planter Upside Down Plants 5

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