SKID Wooden Chef Knife

Most of the time, “innovations” in regards to kitchen blades have been little more than slight tweaks, rather than true game-changers. Which is what we’ve come to expect, because how can you really further evolve the concept of a chef knife? Well, the folks behind the SKID seem to think that flipping the ratio of steel to wood is the next big step. And while it is certainly a bit unorthodox, the result is beautiful.

Lignum’s goal in creating this knife was twofold: to create a timelessly designed chef knife made from sustainably harvested materials, while still embracing traditionally proven high tensile stainless steel. But this isn’t just a beautifully made art knife; the unique makeup has some real benefits. For example, the hardwood has a high percentage of tannins, making it more naturally antibacterial than any synthetic handled blades. The seamless design also ensures that you have the same functional cutting surface as a traditional blade, but with far less steel and, by proxy, less waste. And each blade is infiltrated with all-natural linseed oil, making it durable and ensuring it will last for years to come. The are available for preorder on Kickstarter, starting at $182. [Purchase]