Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo, Norway

Mar 26, 2015

Category: Living

With the miserable winter of 2015 behind us now, it’d be tough for anything to make us yearn for more snow anytime soon. But this AirBnB penthouse situated at the top of a ski jump in Oslo, Norway, comes pretty close.

Perched 197 feet above the ground, this astounding apartment is also shoulder-to-shoulder with a ski jump platform. Need to make a quick beer run? Strap on those goggles! Oh, and an oxygen tank for the 250-step walk back to your place. (We’re assuming there’s an elevator.) The pad itself smartly features floor to ceiling windows for sensational views of Norway’s capital, and it’s decorated in a contemporary style. Above the penthouse is the highest roof terrace in Oslo, while downstairs is the world’s first ski museum. Not too shabby. [Purchase]

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 2

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 3

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 4

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 5

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 6

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 7

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 8

Ski Jump Penthouse in Oslo Norway 9

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