Sixfold: A Custom Craft Beer Holder

Anyone who is a part of the craft beer movement probably has a ton of cardboard from the custom six pack boxes they buy every week. But now there’s a solution: the Sixfold. The Sixfold is a leather beer carrier that cuts out wasteful production processes that result in piles of cardboard in your garage.

The Sixfold is crafted from high quality, eco-friendly leather and walnut, and ships flat to buyers. When it arrives at their doorstep, it takes six folds (see what they did there?) to put it together for proper use. The Sixfold also folds down into a compact package when you’re all done with it for easy travel and storage. There’s no cardboard, no adhesives and no exploitative factory labor involved. [Purchase]

Sixfold- A Custom Craft Beer Holder 2

Sixfold- A Custom Craft Beer Holder 3