Six Mile Pencil

Ah, the pencil. You’d thought you had used it for all it was worth and left your last No. 2 behind in high school. Surely no more fun can be had with this ancient creation, right? Wrong.

The Six Mile Pencil manages to milk the last bit of coolness out of this gray-bearded writing tool by showing you how many miles of graphite you’ve used along the way, through all of your doodles and SAT exams. Of course if you’ve got the back for it, it’s also a handy way to measure your mileage. The makers say you could draw one continuous line from London to New York with only 576 (and a half) pencils. Of course that’d involve drawing on the ocean floor, but… [Purchase]

Six Mile Pencil 2

Six Mile Pencil 3

Six Mile Pencil 4