Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers

Dec 11, 2014

Category: Food, Vices

Whether your whiskey is top-shelf or top elf (we know that doesn’t make sense, but it rhymes and it’s the holiday season) drinking it out of a red plastic cup or some World’s Best Grandpa mug is bound to affect your mental enjoyment of the process.

Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers represent a 180-degree turn from those piddling options above, as these beauties are handcrafted in England from natural ox horn. They’re all selected for their durability and exquisite variation in both grain and color. They’re polished to a brilliant shine and engraved with the Sir Jack’s logo, plus the horns are natural and ethically sourced, so that makes us feel good about getting drunk with ‘em. And let’s face it, with a 6 oz. capacity, that’s gonna happen. [Purchase]

Sir Jacks Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers 2

Sir Jacks Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers 3

Sir Jacks Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers 4

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