SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP

Here’s something everyone can enjoy. From the makers of the Smart SUP in 2015 comes the SipaBoards Air, the self-inflating standup paddle board. Simply slide in the rechargeable battery, swipe the magnetic switch and witness your SUP inflate itself in just under 5 minutes.

Anyone whose attempted the sport before knows regular foam SUPs can get quite heavy and require a bit of space for transport. With the SipaBoards Air, you can easily store the deflated product for transport to the nearest lake or ocean. These inflatable Sups come in three versions as well: the All Rounder, The Cruiser and Balance, for those new to the sport. The goal here is to make paddle boarding easier. Each board comes with a personal board bag complete with back straps as well, again for easy transport on a skateboard or bike. The project is currently on Kickstarter looking to raise funds for completion. [Purchase]

SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP 2

SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP 4
SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP 3