Sinn Is Reviving the EZM Diving Chronograph with a Few Upgrades

While the Swiss brands are definitely the rulers of the horological space, there are many standout brands from neighboring Germany that offer precise timepieces that marry form and function. Case and point: Sinn, a German standout that has produced purpose-built and reliable watches since the 1960s. The company launched a fan-favorite line of watches called the Einsatzzeitmesser (EZM) series in 1997 that featured highly engineered timepieces built for various demanding professions. One of the most popular, introduced in 2014, was the EZM 13 Diving Chronograph. That watch was unceremoniously discontinued in recent years, but now it’s back and better than ever in the form of the Sinn EZM 13.1.

Sporting a very similar design to the EZM 13, the EZM 13.1 is highly legible, utilitarian, and oddly refined. The most notable difference between the watches is that the EZM 13.1 no longer has the Arabic numerals on the inner portion of the dial, which enhances its readability noticeably. Its dial is still a dapper matte black with luminescent indices, its case still features a bead-blasted stainless steel construction, and its overall proportions are identical to the EZM 13.

Powering the EZM 13.1 is Sinn’s SINN chronograph movement SZ02 with a 60-minute stopwatch display, which offers stalwart precision. As is the norm with Sinn watches, the EZM offers a variety of robust and unique features that make it suitable for extreme use. The watch is water-resistant and pressure-resistant to 500m (certified by the DNV), features Ar-Dehumidifying Technology to prevent fogging, and resists magnetism up to 80,000 A/m (1,000 gauss). Moreover, the new EZM is still temperature-resistant from -45°C up to +80°C and is low-pressure resistant.

The Sinn EZM 13.1 is a faithful and subtle update to its predecessor, and we’re perfectly content with that. Sinn’s EZM 13.1 is available to purchase from WatchBuys in the U.S. for $3,270.

Purchase: $3,270

Photo: Sinn
Photo: Sinn