Sinister Electric Cafe Racer

Taking its motivation from a classic cafe racer shape, the Electric Cafe Racer concept brings out the fire in contemporary design. And while many in the field of custom motorcycles – or simple petrol-heads in general – are quick to dismiss the notion of electric-powered anything, it’s design concepts such as this that bring hope for what the future may hold.

It’s all thanks to designer Michael Cohen, who in his rendering has successfully replaced the classic motorcycle headlights with a series of red lights, typically found at the rear of these two-wheelers. The concept adds a bit of confusion to the piece while making it look quite sinister in the process. We’re not entirely sure whether we’d ride this thing at night, though a day cruise would certainly be more than welcome. It also runs on a set of wild-looking tires that look to either provide significant traction on the asphalt or tear it up completely. Hopefully one day we’ll find out.

Electric Cafe Racer Concept 3

Electric Cafe Racer Concept 4