Singer X Williams 500 HP Air-Cooled Engine

Singer Vehicle Design is world-renowned for making old Porsches new again. And Williams – the Advanced Engineering branch of the F1 racing team – is famous for, well, making things go very fast. Apart from a collective love of vehicular technology, there doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to tie them together. So, we were more then surprised when we found out they had teamed up. And then we were floored to find out what they had been working on: this 500-horsepower flat-six engine.

Yes, Singer and Williams have been working together on creating a frankly gorgeous piece of machinery to start adding to Singer’s already near-perfect Porsche restorations. But what makes it really special – besides the neat design touches, like those back window air intakes – is that this powerhouse doesn’t rely on superchargers or turbos to pump out those 500 ponies. This bad boy is 100% naturally-aspirated. And that makes it a superb middle-ground for traditionalists who want a bit more power out of their classic cars. It also doesn’t hurt that Hans Mezger – designer of the original 911 engine – is a consultant on the project. The engine is already available to Singer customers, though no price has been officially announced.

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