Singer Porsche 911 Mullholland

The stretch of road in eastern Santa Monica mountains called Mulholland Drive has been immortalized in Los Angelean lore by director David Lynch. Lynch once said that you could “feel the history of Hollywood” written into the asphalt of that road, and the custom vehicle design shop Singer has taken that history and painted it onto a Porsche 911. The result is a scintillating and sharp-edged mountain cruiser.

Named for civil engineer William Mulholland, the hills and valleys of Mulholland Drive are suffused in a beautiful filmic quality. The creeping fog, the luxurious mansions hidden in the mountainside – it’s all so naturally cinematic. This custom Porsche, painted with a topographical map of Mulholland, was made for the spotlight. When the misty mountain fog rolls in, hood-mounted fog lights will cut through like the ether like a knife. That region of Santa Monica is sharp, and deep-cut, and that angular zag jives with the jibing 911, a lightweight machine but powerful machine capable of hugging curves like a pair of jeans. Like Lynch’s eerie 2001 movie, this mapped-out 911 is a tour de force.

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