Simplism Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case

There’s never a shortage of unique stuff coming out of Japan, is there? While it’s not quite as weird as the wearable tomato-dispensing robot or the black hamburger, Simplism’s Hibiki iPhone case surprises no onethat it comes from the Land of The Rising Sun.

Created by Japanese craftsmen, each case is cut from white ash; that’s the fancy wood often used in high-end musical instruments. The promise here is that the white ash enhances the “acoustical capacity” of the device. The Hibiki case uses a high-tech material that reduces non-audio signal wave noise, and combined with three 3D-shaped supporting points which suppress vibration, there should be less distortion and more high-quality sound emitted from the phone. It’s designed for the iPhone 6 4.7″ model. [Purchase]

Simplism Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case 2

Simplism Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case 3