SimpliSafe Home Security System

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You work hard to keep your family protected from harm, so why not invest in a home security system that works even harder? Fortunately, the all-new SimpliSafe Home Security System is smaller, five times faster, and fifty percent louder than the brand’s flagship product that has since solidified their reputation in the home security sphere.

With the new edition, SimpliSafe is always on the job and at the ready to alert local authorities when something just isn’t right. It’s all thanks to their 24/7 alarm monitoring system, whole home protection that alerts you with carbon monoxide, fires, burst pipes or even when water damage is imminent in the home while their security cameras capture any potential criminals in the very act. Their team will even catch a window or door that’s accidentally been left open upon leaving the homestead. The best part of all, everything can be managed right from your smartphone and sets up in about five minutes. Available now.

Purchase: $229+