These 1960s Glasses Were Originally Made For Britain’s RAF

If you’re an avid collector of vintage military gear, it can be a real issue finding, buying, and acquiring your favorite bygone variants. Luckily, retailers like Silvermans keep a healthy catalog of rustic goods, including these well-kept 1960s M. Wiseman Sunglasses, which were originally issued to members of the Royal Air Force.

The M. Wiseman RAF Sunglasses pictured here are believed to be a direct acquisition, and still feature their original packaging, tags, and architecture. In the middle of the century, these unique shades were crafted by some of England’s finest craftsmen, focusing on an adjustable design that would allow military members to form them to their specific features. Wire arms, high-grade glass optics, and a genuine, purposeful design make these one-of-a-kind glasses a great find for military enthusiasts; and now, you can pick up the pair for $242 from Silvermans’ website.

Purchase: $242