Silver Piston Hobo Nickel Zippo Lighter

In the mid-1700s, wanderers around the United States began carving miniature bas reliefs into nickel coins – creating one of the first truly iconic American forms of art. Today, Silver Piston continues that tradition with this EDC must-have, the Hobo Nickel Zippo Lighter.

The coins, authentic U.S. nickels intricately hand-carved by Shane Hunter, are soldered to genuine solid brass Zippo USA-made lighters. Once attached, each lighter goes through a unique oxidization process, aging them beautifully and ensuring that no two are alike. The result is a piece of absolutely gorgeous everyday carry anyone would be lucky to carry with them, whether to light up the occasional cigar, as a survivalist mainstay, or just to have a flame available at your fingertips. Get your hands on one for $175.

Purchase: $175