Silic Stain-Proof Shirt

Silic Self-Cleaning Stain-Proof ShirtSilic Self-Cleaning Stain-Proof Shirt 1
The good news about Silic? It cleans itself. Liquids literally bounce off the thing. The bad news? You won’t be able to wear it in time for this year’s Super Bowl party, when you traditionally come home with the equivalent of a Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar on your chest. Made with hydrophobic nanotechnology, this soft, breathable shirt repels all comers, from soda and beer to ketchup and exorcism vomit (should you decide to enter the priesthood and use this as your undershirt). Even sweat, that pesky partner of effort, is refused entry in Silic’s pits.

Creator Aamir Patel is partnering with a former designer from the Vera Wang Collection to make the shirt look and feel good, and the Silicon Valley-based production facility he’s using has done previous work with Nike and Levis. The shirt will be available in black or white, and it’s expected to start shipping in May. Watch the video below. [Purchase]