Puffle 3-In-1 Adventure Blanket

When out in the wilderness, we like to pack our days to the gills with fun experiences – be it hiking, swimming, kayaking, or otherwise. But, once the sun goes down, it’s time to cozy up next to the campfire and relax. And because it can get chilly out there, we’re always sure to bring a blanket, sleeping bag, and more along for the ride. As it turns out, though, we could do away with a lot of unnecessary gear if, instead, we had one of Sierra Madre Research’s Puffle 3-In-1 Adveture Blanket.

Inspired by the classic puffy jacket, this blanket is supremely comfortable (rated at 40-degrees Fahrenheit) and is available with your choice of synthetic or goose down. It’s also water-repellant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting bogged down with moisture in the fog, rain, or snow. Best of all, however, it’s also more than just a blanket – as you can actually cinch it into a standalone sleeping bag or link it together with other Puffles to create one super blanket. And, of course, for when you’re traveling and/or storing it until your next adventure, it packs down into an included compression sack that’s a bit bigger than a Nalgene bottle. Back the project on Kickstarter now starting at $89 for synthetic and $139 for down.

Kickstarter: $89+